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Training and Accreditation

Training and Accreditation

Training Standards of the Bulgarian Association

for Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy  


The training programs are based on the established standards for accredited training programs of the European Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (last revision, 2013) and are in compliance with the requirements of the Bulgarian Association for Psychotherapy. The training is conducted by accredited trainers and supervisors.


Training program for accreditation of

Cognitive Behavioral Therapists – CBT Therapists


  • Accreditation is obtained after taking an examination to the Accreditation Commission of BACBP;  
  • This certification doesn’t grant accreditation as a trainer and supervisor in the field of cognitive therapy




Minimum training hours  

Self-directed study

 These training hours are in accordance with the requirements of the Bulgarian Association of Psychotherapy for all therapeutic modalities in Bulgaria, and include:

  • self-reflection skills; evaluation of one’s own emotional experiences, dysfunctional beliefs and automatic thoughts;
  • common Therapist Cognitions (assumptions and rules) ;
  • cognitive restructuring;
  • receiving and using feedback and supervision skills; 
  • giving feedback skills;
  • learning through experience;
  • empathetic support skills


250 hours

1.    Basic structured teaching:

    • History of psychiatry, psychotherapy and the development of behavioural, cognitive and cognitive-behavioural approaches
    • Cognitive-behavioural Model of emotion
    • Cognitive behavioural model of emotional disorders
    • Transdiagnostic principles in CB therapy
    • Structure of the CBT Session (assessment and beyond)
    • Cognitive behavioural assessment: overview (including use of questionnaires, observation, etc)
    • Cognitive behavioral assessment: the first interview
    • Cognitive behavioural assessment: additional components
    • Cognitive conceptualization
    • Cognitive case formulation
    • From formulation to shared understanding
    • Problem Identification and Goal Setting
    • Core intervention skills
    • Discussion techniques, behavioural experiments and their synthesis 
    •  Problem specific issues: synthesizing transdiagnostic and problem specific approaches
  • Evaluating Automatic Thoughts
  • Creating and agreeing a Treatment Plan
  • Session final Summary and Setting of Homework /Feedback


  • Termination and Relapse Prevention

150 hours

Skills-based training:

  • Cognitive techniques
  • Behavior techniques
  • Working with Imagery
  • Problem solving
  • Therapeutic alliance
  • Group CBT
  • Modifying Standard Treatment for Specific Disorders
  • CBT for anxiety disorders
  • CBT for depression
  • CBT for low self esteem
  • CBT for suicidality
  • CBT for common somatic disorders and chronic pain
  • CBT for cupels and families


450 hours

1.    Specialized skills training for working with mental disorders:

  • CBT for Anxiety disorders: panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, GAD, Health anxiety, OCD, Specific Phobia
  • CBT for mood disorders: depression
  • CBT for psychosis
  • CBT for PTSD
  • CBT for personality disorders
  • CBT for children and young people
  • CBT for substance misuse
  • CBT for old people





150 hours

2.    Supervision

Group or individual – supervision of a minimum of 10 outpatient cases from at least 3 problematic fields, and presentation of a minimum of 3 of them on audio or video recording


200 hours



1200 hours



BACBP Accredited trainers:  

1.    Peter Vassilev, MD

2.    Irina Lazarova, M.D

3.    Assoc. prof. Pavlina Petkova

4.    Prof. Vanya Matanova

BACBP supervisor and training coordinator:

prof. Paul Salkovskis, University of Oxford, UK



BACBP Accredited institutions:

Institute for Ecology of Thinking – Sofia  

Adaptacia Outpatient Mental Health Centre – Sofia  

Spectra Centre for Psychology and Psychotherapy – Sofia

Institute of Mental Health and Development – Sofia

KLIPSI Ltd – Varna  


The program has been revised by the Management Board of the BACBP and  

signed by all accredited trainers and the training coordinator

History of BACBP
About us

The Bulgarian Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy was founded in May, 1998. Its founders and first members are 35 people, professionals in the field of psychology, psychiatry, social work. Currently, the members of BACBP are 369.

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